Registration fees
In order to participate to the ranking campaign for global and regional rankings, all NGOs are invited to pay a registration fee. Each NGO when registering indicates the category of income for its last known fiscal term. Based on its sincere statement regarding its category, as fully disclosed in the registration form, the NGO is informed of its registration fee. By sending the registration form, the NGO accepts the registration fee based on its own statement. In case of mistake in choosing its category, both the NGO and Global_Geneva can inform the other party of the mistake. Global_Geneva is not responsible for the NGO’s choice but is performing a first control of the indicated category. In case of doubt on the selected category, Global_Geneva will inform the NGO and take the appropriate steps to edit the corresponding registration fee invoice. It is not mandatory for Global_Geneva to handle that control, but a best-practice policy to help avoid mistake.

For ethical reasons, Global_Geneva wishes to emphasize the fact that a registration fee brings no guarantee to the participant for being ranked in the World Top 500 NGOs, or any other regional ranking. Registration fees support Global Geneva’s independence and ability to maintain and improve the quality of its operations.

Payment of the registration fee are performed either through wire transfer or through a secured link. The secured link is edited through Global_Geneva’s payment service provider, Klik & Pay. Any question or issue regarding payment through that secured link and use of a credit card must be addressed directly at Cyber Services SA who operates under the international Trade Mark Klik & Pay.
Tel : +41 21 695 6000

Cyber services SA
Rue des Jordils, 40
CH-1025 Saint-Sulpice

Registration fee is due once the registration has been submitted and received by Global_Geneva. Registration is not reimbursable. In particular it cannot be reimbursed in case the NGO is non eligible to the ranking (all NGOs are required a minimum of three years of activity to compete), or in case the NGO doesn’t make it into the Top 500 NGOs, or into the Top 50 regional rankings.

Paid-for access
All access to content and special services proposed by Global_Geneva’s can be changed at any time. Access to these content and services is paid-for under two options of delay: over a one- month period, or over a one-year period. Payments for these paid-for accesses are not reimbursable.
In case of mistake, Global_Geneva will review the case and will take appropriate measure if undue payment was performed.

Payment by credit card through a Klik & Pay secured link sent by email
Global_Geneva’s has no access to data related to the card used for the payment and cannot be held responsible for errors or mistakes related to the use of Klik & Pay’s email or to Klik & Pay’s service failure.