The process of ranking NGOs involves many difficult choices about how we give recognition to as much noteworthy work as possible. For the 2015 ranking, Global_Geneva not only expanded its research into new languages and geographic regions, it also expanded the number of NGOs ranked, from 100 to 500, which resulted in a greater number of NGOs being surveyed (over 2,000). In light of the limited number of NGOs we are able to rank, the third edition of the rankings:

  • devotes special resources to reaching NGOs working within inhospitable states.
  • publicizes, along with the ranking, any relevant and non-confidential information collected from NGOs during our research.
  • contributes to the exchange of NGO information through a growing media alliance, with Global_Geneva eventually supporting the translation of this information into different languages.

We believe that the 2015 Global Top 500 NGOs is maturing, and continues to shed light on the diverse benefits NGOs bring to society. All of the NGOs we’ve had the privilege of researching, those who made the rankings and many others who didn’t, deserve our respect and support, regardless of size, seniority, or geographical reach.