By ranking NGOs, Global_Geneva seeks to:

  • Showcase the diversity and scale of organizations encompassed by the ‘NGO’ label.
  • Evaluate the impact, innovation, and sustainability of NGOs using criteria that transcend geographical boundaries and sectors of activity.
  • Foster constructive debate and exploration of the full range of challenges facing the NGO sector.
  • Build a repository for best practices in NGO work, so that NGOs from different ends of the spectrum may benefit from each other’s experience, and so that sector-wide trends may become more visible.

The concept of “non-profit” has evolved far beyond traditional charity work to encompass myriad associations, foundations, coalitions, alliances, movements, and businesses that serve a diversity of objectives and engage in many ways with public and private institutions. Global_Geneva monitors the international non-profit community for ideas, values, and models that challenge normal approaches to policy, the market, and NGO activity. The Top 500 NGOs ranking is Global_Geneva’s monitoring tool.

Through a journalistic approach to research and reportage, Global_Geneva uses the rankings as a lens to bring into focus the social transformations of the NGO sector, and to magnify the broad and evolving range of values that non-profit work generates, values all but invisible from the standpoint of stock indices and other revenue-based perspectives. Global_Geneva’s overall goal is to engage and encourage thought leaders and remarkable innovators interested in the power of the non-profit concept, whether they come from academia, politics, civil society, or the private sector.