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Effective Altruism and Its Lessons for NGOs

by Jonathan Leighton

Achieving concrete impact is an essential aspect of ethics and the goal of any organization aiming to help others. And it makes intuitive and rational sense that, for any given amount of time, money and effort available, we should try to have as much impact as possible. Although our specific goals might differ, what we ultimately care about is improving wellbeing and, more fundamentally, reducing suffering.

More Than A Mirror World?

by Jean-Christophe Nothias

It was a flash of audacity the non-profit world somehow came to accept. Four years ago, I set out to rank NGOs. The idea came up in conversation with friends in New York. We were comparing people who have a hand in transforming the world, and when discussion led to big money-movers like Gates, I asked about CEOs and top executives of major NGOs. The question drew a blank. As a journalist, I felt like the sector deserved celebrities; non-profits foster tremendous changes in society, but the scant publicity around their work leaves most of us in the dark.